Proposed Border Fence between the Paine Estate and Waltham High School

A proposed chain link fence would block access from the north to the main Bull Run trail, the only forested wheelchair accessible trail in Waltham and the fire access to the estate. It would block students, teachers and coaches from using this world-class educational resource at their fingertips. And it would harm trail users who walk the estate daily to exercise and unwind and who are among the best advocates for its preservation. 

On March 28, the School Committee approved a proposal for 6-foot-high, 350-long-fence at the property line between the High School and the Paine Estate. On April 4, they considered a revised request for a fence nearly twice as long at 650 feet. Fortunately, because they didn't receive a map or quotes, they tabled the decision to their next meeting on April 25.

The Urban Self Help grant that funded the accessible trail, trail signs and entrance gates on both the Paine Estate and school property came with conditions. Preventing public access with a border fence undoubtedly would violate grant conditions and trigger MEPA, NEPA, NHPA, and ADA review.


Conservation Commission on Thurs, April 19 (7pm, 119 School St.)

School Committee on Wed, April 25 (7:30pm, 617 Lexington St.)