Contact your Councilors TODAY!

NOW is the time to contact councilors! Before the Council meeting tomorrow night at 7PM, they need to hear from you about your love for the Paine Estate and Chesterbrook Woods and your opposition to the loss of any piece of this land for the construction of a new high school campus.  

The Mayor has requested an Executive Session with the Council at City Hall tomorrow night "to discuss acquisition and/or use of real estate parcels in relationship to the Waltham High School Project." On the table are: 1) land on Lexington Street owned by the Stigmatine Fathers and Brothers; 2) 13-25 acres of the Paine Estate and Chesterbrook Woods; or 3) some combination of the two. In your conversations with councilors, please make sure they qualify any vote to specifically exclude the Paine Estate/Storer Conservation Land and/or  Chesterbrook Woods, since portions of these parcels may in fact be bundled with the vote on Stigmatine land.

The Executive Session portion of the Council meeting is not open to the public, but the rest of the meeting is. Your presence at the meeting will help too!